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Get the girls together or host a pamper party.

Not only will you connect, relax and feel good, but you will be helping women with cancer to take some time out from treatment to feel better too.

Click the get started button, and you will just a few minutes away from having your Pamper event ready to go!

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How it Works

1. Register your fundraiser

You have decided to help make a difference, thank you! Choose which option best describes your event or activity - share, pamper, move or celebrate with donations, then let us know what you plan to do.

2. Set up your goal and ask for support

Finalise the details and tell everyone what you’re doing and why. Get in touch with us for inspiration or practical help to make your event a success.

3. Raise funds and have fun

Ask everyone you know to donate. You will be surprised how many people will support you if you just post on your social media pages! Every dollar you raise will help us run more classes to enable anyone diagnosed with cancer feel more confident.

Some ways to Do Good Feel Good by Pampering