7 Days of Colour Zeenya's Spring Challenge

By Chloe Wickman

I'm fundraising for Look Good Feel Better!

Dopamine dressing? It’s a thing. And here at Zeenya, we champion the heck outta it.

Put simply. If you like the clothes and love the colour > Put. It. On. Wear what makes you feel good. 

This challenge? Is a celebration of saying byeeee to winter, and welcoming the arrival of spring by wearing colourful clothing for 7 days in a row!!!

Look. We get it. Wearing black is an institution in NZ, almost like it’s inherent in our DNA. Why?

  • Tall poppies. We’re surrounded by commentary that tries to shrink us (we’re so not here for that).

  • Our National teams wear top-to-toe black

  • We wear black to hide when we aren’t feeling our most confident

  • Gives the illusion of being slimming (thanks French women)

  • ‘But it goes with everything’ and makes dressing ‘easy’

Our challenge to you… Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Shake off that winter energy and shed that auto-pilot reaction of reaching for black clothing. Instead, step into spring and embrace life, your way, in colour. Full technicolour if you must. Fluro if you love it. But remember, colour doesn’t have to mean bright, bold and in ya face. It simply means - any darn colour other than black.

We're using this page to support the work of Look Good Feel Better.

Look Good Feel Better provides free nationwide programmes for cancer patients. They support any person, facing any cancer, at any time. Their programmes help with the impact of cancer, providing practical, tangible tips, techniques and tools to help face fancer with more connection, control, confidence and a sense of community.

The more people that know about Look Good Feel Better, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

My Updates

Thank you

Wednesday 7th Sep
So incredibly grateful for everyone who has taken on the Challenge as well as those who have donated to Look Good Feel Better. 
Spring is feeling so good already! Thank you so much for helping this worthy cause close to our hearts

Thank you to my Sponsors


Zeenya Clothing

These funds were raised by our awesome customers who also took part in the challenge. Go ladies go!


Zeenya Clothing

Let's go!


Cate S

Because cancer sucks and it touches every one of us in some way at some time xxxx


Sarah-jane Bell

What a great way to fundraise for something that most of us have personal experience with. 7 Days of colour, here we come!


Heidi Su


Janelle Brunton-rennie



Life In Motion

Love your work!


Helen Rowland


Sarah Martelli Strong Woman

Look Good Feel Better provides amazing care for women when they need it most. Happy to donate. Good on you Chloe xx




Heather M

A pleasure to donate and help support the work of LGFB. Thanks team Zeenya!


Linda Webb

Awesome challenge Chloe! Thanks for making it happen



Love your work babes 💞


Lisa Potter

LOVE that you're spreading the rainbow of colour love <3


Maria Amos

Love your work team Zeenya!




Judy Tihema

I’ve noticed when I wear bright colours people comment so not only are you brightening up your day you are brightening up somebody else’s as well 😊


Kathryn Grant


Miranda Clark


Emma Dowdeswell



There’s always a good reason to wear colour!




Carolyn Spackman

Such a great initiative, happy to donate!


Amber West